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I offer private evaluation services to families as way to discover their child's unique learning profile, including identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, by utilizing a neuropsychological assessment model.  I use a comprehensive, individualized approach with each evaluation, considering developmental, cultural, and family factors as well as educational history.  I strive to develop meaningful and practical recommendations and to advocate for my clients and families as they work through the process of determining which educational and therapeutic paths to take.   My goal is always to share my results and recommendations in a way that families can easily understand and also that they have a solid plan of action moving forward. 

There are a variety of options for assessment approaches:

  • Comprehensive Psychoeducational Assessments, which are broad, thorough, and more extensive.  These include evaluation of cognitive abilities, including verbal and visual problem solving abilities, as well as measures assessing areas of processing, such as processing speed, auditory processing, and rapid automatic naming.  Language, memory, attention, executive functioning, sensorimotor functioning, social/emotional/behavioral, and academic functioning are also assessed. 

  • Follow-up or Targeted Assessments, which focus on a specific area of concern and/or are completed as a follow-up from a previous evaluation

  • Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE’s), which are evaluations performed under contract with school districts and/or can be independently requested by parents 

  • Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS) Evaluations, which assess a child’s social/emotional/behavioral functioning and can also be a targeted type of IEE 

  • Applications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)



I am available to work collaboratively with families, schools, and outside professionals regarding IEP development and implementation, 504 Plans, program development, recommendations, etc.  I also offer consultation services to parents to review other assessments and assist with special education meetings, program evaluations, and/or treatment planning. 

Individual and Family Therapy

Individuals and families can encounter challenges, both large and small, at any time, or slowly over time, and therapy can be a remarkable support.  I believe that individuals and families are doing their best to manage these difficulties and that people most often come from a place of wanting their situation to improve.  This is the starting point for our work together. 


My approach to therapy is strengths-based and integrated, building upon a psychodynamic orientation and also influenced by multiple additional approaches, including, but not limited to, Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Family Systems Theory, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy (DBT).  Each individual and family I’ve worked with is unique and special in their own way; as a result, I start from the place of forming a positive relationship and connection and taking it from there. 


I also know that young people have a unique experience growing up during these current times.  This requires my ability to meet them where they are at and to understand where they are coming from.  I have learned to appreciate the experiences and resources that are part of their world as they learn to navigate their way through it all.    


I offer both in-person therapy as well as teletherapy.

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